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ISSF “Olympic” Pistol Shooting

No I am not talking about Rambo or Dirty Harry but the ISSF precision pistol disciplines as practiced in the Olympic Games. The ability to place a projectile, into a small circle, at distance, repeatedly, consistently, and under pressure.


Olympic Pistol events require the highest level a level of precision, a margins for error measured in hundredths of a degree To date nobody has achieved a perfect score in a major championship or the Olympic Games. The slightest wobble, the slightest loss of focus, will show in the final score.


At highest level the sport is dominated by the Russians and the Chinese and who are kept in check by a handful of Europeans.
At the club level the sport is growing throughout Europe. In UK, where recent changes in the law have all but banned position of other types of pistol, the standard for 10M Air pistol at the club level is surprising high and I hope that we will soon see some British Olympic champions.


Another interesting aspect to the sport is that you are not “Over the Hill” at the age of 30, in fact there are very few world class competitors younger the 30. One Notable exception to this however is Wei Pang of china, at the age of 20 he is currently number one in the world ranking for 10M Air pistol. I expect we will see some great things from him in the years to come. His youngest rival is Vladimir Gontcharov aged 29. The oldest man in the in the current top 10 ISSF world ranking for pistol events, is the Russian Sergei Alifirenko who a the age of 47 Who ranks 4th in the world for 25M Rapid Fire event!


The ISSF have a outstanding website, with event descriptions, rules and regulations, Results, World championship Standings, videos and interviews.

For more general tips and hints  I maintain the shooting wiki website.